The Apple of Anxiety

My friend and fellow ZiferWritersMCR member Katie wrote this story and shared it with us on Monday. I’ve never before heard a better interpretation of the terrible feeling of an anxiety attack. Beautifully written and incredibly insightful, I recommend to everyone that they should read this story and see what else they can gain from it. If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety, or if you know someone who has, I believe this story can help in at least some small way.


There is a lump in my stomach.
An awful sharp ominous lump that always seems to be buzzing, rolling around in my gut. Like a bruised apple trapped in a faucet and the more I think about it the more the liquids in my stomach seem to feed and nourish it; helping it grow, but the water keeps on running and the line keeps on climbing until it pushes it up through my body. I can feel it, uncomfortable in my chest, causing each breath to be too heavy for me to muster oxygen through it.I am glad though that this lumpy bruised apple hasn’t quite made its way to the back of my throat. It hardly ever does that. It just lingers, dense on my lungs as if with each intake of air my insides crush it into a chunky paste. Thick and viscous. Unforgiving, like acid it burns…

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