The Homeowner’s Club

On a blustery November evening, I stood just inside the doorway surveying my surroundings. The ground floor was a study in opposites; the living room was sleek and clean (with a sofa and chair fully assembled and comfortable) whilst the dining area was nothing but cardboard chaos. However, the mess in my immediate vicinity could do nothing to subdue my mood or my quiet sense of elation.

Louise and I had left behind the Chorltonian flat that had been our home together for nearly two and a half years and made the move to a new house; one that could be our home for years to come. A house with gas central heating (I really hate electric space heaters), a backyard (well, a timber-decked area, but it has barbecue space so it’s good enough for me) and a front door that we don’t have to share with strangers.

It’s taken a long time to get here; it’s been five months since we had our mortgage offer issued (the offer only lasts for six months, so the panic had started to build). Now we’re here. A move that we had originally allowed a month to complete was wrapped up in six days. Once the place had undergone a mammoth cleaning job (the previous owner had left it in a less than desirable condition) the pride began to grow. Proud of it not just because it’s our new home, but because it is ours (just don’t get me started on the madness of mortgages). We own it and its condition is a reflection on us. We can’t just blame a slack landlord anymore; the house’s troubles (here’s hoping that they will be few and far between) are ours to solve, but the joy the place brings is ours alone (and maybe to share).

All of these thoughts, feelings and more washed over me as I stood on the house’s threshold, the border of what was and what would be. Heavy thoughts indeed after a week of heavy lifting. But I was able to relax afterwards on the first sofa I’ve ever actually owned (always having been a patron of furnished accommodation) as I allowed myself to be settled by it.

We were home, Louise and I, and now is the time to enjoy it (once we unpack all the boxes, of course).

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