It was two weeks ago, as the green ‘Publish’ button sat ready to be pressed, that I thought long and hard about what would happen next. Email notifications would be sent and social media outlets would be flooded with our invitations (although to anyone already following our social media, this campaign would be anything but new). Once it had been pressed, I knew that we had done the right thing.

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken about anything else (this very site has evidence of that here, here and here) but that’s because the film that we launched on the morning of October 30th was a genuine labour of love. Other people getting the chance to see the finished product (whether they love it or hate it) is my primary concern. The level of effort that went in from the cast, crew and everyone else involved was phenomenal. The film is out there in the world and although it might not make us overnight millionaires (let’s not kid ourselves) people can finally see what all the fuss has been about.

I’m so proud of Shooting on the Rim, like a doting father watching his child taking its first steps; whether it walks a mile or falls after three feet, the sense of achievement is the same. It is with that pride that I invite everyone to watch it. It is with that pride that I can say “we did it”.

You can find Shooting on the Rim on Vimeo On Demand here.

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