Public Transportation

At 9:59 this morning, I should have been taking my second (and hopefully final) driving test. It may have been a long time coming, but my full driving license was finally within reach. Unfortunately, having had the test booked for around six weeks, I received an email at 8:15 stating that my test had been cancelled and rescheduled to another (far, far less convenient) date and time. Their reason was not explained, but they did apologise for the inconvenience caused. That was a nice touch, I suppose. I always appreciate fake remorse from big businesses.

My frustration is not that the test was cancelled. These things happen and although they failed to elaborate on why the cancellation was required (probably examiner sickness or something) I know that sometimes things like this are unavoidable. My frustration is the stress of the whole process. Stressing the night before about a test that I’m desperate not to fail. Stressing about not being able to sleep properly (tired driving is as dangerous as drunk driving, after all). Stressing on the morning of the test as I got ready to face an examiner. Stress about not wanting to let anyone down by failing again (my instructor’s stats matter to me and I’ve promised that I’ll start driving Lou around soon). I addressed my initial driving fears and aspirations a little while ago in Not Much of a Motorhead, and all of those feelings are still present and valid.

You might think that the cancellation effectively lifted this weight off of my shoulders, but what it actually did was copy the stresses to another day AFTER I had already suffered them. This sucks, but as I said before, I understand when these things are unavoidable.

I guess it is easier for me to be cool about it all because I’m sitting on a train right now, on my way to Edinburgh for the first time. It helps even more that I’m sitting in a First Class seat. What should be obvious is that I didn’t book this trip myself as I probably wouldn’t have done it on the same day as a driving test and I sure as hell couldn’t afford this seat. But I’m here, nonetheless, and it’s pretty awesome (the coffee isn’t great though, which is a shame). Can’t be too mad at the world when you’re busy travelling in style with rolling green countryside outside each window (the Lake District looks lovely today, by the way).

So, Edinburgh. I’ll be up here on behalf of the day job, but my intention is to use all of my spare time being a tourist whilst also working on some of my writing projects. I need to polish up my sitcom pilot script (the deadline is November 3rd *gulp*) and finish up a half-decent writing CV (I still don’t know what it’s meant to look like, but I’ll figure it out eventually). Maybe work on a second episode of the sitcom along with a drama pilot idea. I don’t know. Whatever takes my fancy whilst looking at the pretty Scottish buildings and the like (whilst also dodging the imminent wet weather).

Scotland! Visit the castle? Hell yes! Eat a deep-fried Mars bar? Definitely! Drink some whisky? Probably! Wear a kilt? Well… (!)


  1. Hi 🙂

    I know you didn’t ask for my advice, but it would be to take the stress out of your driving test by imagining ten years ahead when it’s behiind you. There are more important things to stress about! In the meantime: ride a bike and let the train take the strain.

    And, yes, my tuppence says a wannabe writer needs to experience stuff, so that kilt should most definitely be worn.

    Have you had anything published yet? (And how about your Dad?)

    If you need another pair of eyes to check over your script, I’d be very happy to do so. Your acceptance of this offer may depend upon whether you know who I am… 😉


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